Saturday, April 14, 2012

They're packed pretty tight

I read that the WSOP circus circuit events have landed in St. Louis. On Sunday, there's a Senior NL Tournament! Why not?

I arrived Saturday evening and decided to wander to the playing area to scope out the scene and buy my entry. The Saturday event had 988 runners! There were tables everywhere. I'm guessing the Senior game will be big, too.

Saw four regulars from Tunica.

Forgot to take my camera to Harrahs, so no pics. I'll shoot some Sunday.


  1. My uncle's home away from home... or maybe just home. But not this week. No comped rooms. GL in the tourney. I've played that room once, cash only, and found it pretty competent.

  2. Dang -- I was wondering if you were playing. I seriously considered playing in it tomorrow but decided against it this morning.

    Yep - the poker room there is small. I thought the place would be a mess.

  3. Good luck Mojo, I hope you do well. Again.

  4. I can understand you forgetting your toothbrush or underwear, but your camera? Sheesh!

    Have a good time. Win big!

  5. Thanks to all who left comments.

    @Lowell: I remembered my camera, but forgot the cable that lets me download to my laptop.