Thursday, May 10, 2012

Give me change: Four quarters for $30

Above: The tip-off for game five of the Memphis Grizzlies playoff series against the LA Clippers last night. (Click to enlarge.)

They say the there's nothing more boring than the NBA regular season and nothing more exciting than the NBA playoffs. I went to the Grizzlies' game last night and the place was rocking. I decided to go at the last minute (Tuesday night), went online and scrounged a seat fairly high up near the mountain goats for $30.

Memphis won 92-80, and it's back to Los Angeles for game six.

Above: Zach Randolph got the rebound for Memphis.

Above: The Memphis dance team performs during a timeout.

Above: FedEx Forum is the venue for Grizzlies' home games.

Photos taken with my P&S, the first three at an ISO of 3200!


  1. I remember past years when Phoenix was swept up in basketball fervor when the Suns were advancing in the playoffs. Not this year.

  2. Playoff basketball is WORLDS DIFFERENT than the regular season... :) I was fortunate enough to go to all of the home games during the Western Conference Finals and Finals when the Spurs won it all in 1999 and 2003... (In addition to assorted playoff games in prior seasons).