Wednesday, May 16, 2012

MOJO takes on New Orleans

Above: Harrah's Casino is the venue for the WSOP Circuit Event now playing out in New Orleans.

I drove to New Orleans Saturday. There is a WSOP Circuit event going on, so I decided to combine a little weekend get-away with poker. I played in Events No. 4 and No. 5 (Sunday and Monday). There were around 350 runners in the Sunday event and I lasted until around 50th. The Monday event was better. There were 440 runners and I made the final table and ran out of chips in sixth place. A certain guy has been teasing me about no final tables lately. Maybe this will keep him off my back for a while.

I took my laptop to blog, but forgot my mouse. That would been okay, but I had previously disabled my touchpad, so the computer was useless.

I was knocked out just before midnight, didn't have a hotel room anymore, so got in my car and drove home. I'm tired, so no long post now, but I'll try and remember some of the stuff that happened and blog about it later.

All the results from Event No. 5 are here.

Above: The shot clock during the break, just before I busted out.

Photos taken with my P&S.


  1. Mouse? Laptop? That is sOOOOO 20th century.

    I have been drooling on this page. Join me.

    It is my idea of an IPAD at half the price.

  2. Congratulations on the cash and final table. I wish I had the tournament skill you so obviously do.

    And anything you can do with the mouse can also be accomplished with just the keyboard using know how and patience. A USB mouse can also be purchased for about 0.4% of your tournament winnings in Event 5.

  3. Hey, at least I got a link!

    This roll you have been on is fantastic. I mean, whatever the "it" is that one must learn to consistently do well in tournaments -- you have it nailed! Congrats!

  4. You go, Mojo! Congrats!! ~Sherry