Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The journey begins

Arrived in Las Vegas this morning. Came with with a friend, Sim Therrell. He is both a poker player and a bridge player. Got settled in at the Rio and checked out where everything is.

The WSOP tournaments look like they are going to be big again this year.

Played in a little ($185) evening tournament, just to warm up. Never got going. Hey, tomorrow is another day. I did have one cute hand. It folded to the small blind who raised to 1650 (blinds are 400/200/50). I moved all in for about 14K and he folded. I turned over J-5 off-suit. The other players loved it -- they didn't expect that from a nitty old man. That's Mr. Nitty to you, sir.

Photo taken with my P&S. Does anybody know why blogger is putting my images on the left-hand side, even though I specify centered?


  1. Good luck. Expecting great things!

  2. SO... FREAKIN... JEALOUS... You should have shouted 'MOTOWN!!!' when you flipped your hand (hey, it DOMINATES the deuce-four)... I think of Halladay EVERY TIME that I come to your page. Have a great trip and win big!

  3. Does anybody know why blogger is putting my images on the left-hand side,

    I am going with Socialist plot. You need to contact the White House for clarification.

    Got in the Rio, eh? Super! You'll be avoiding those IP hoi palloi like Sparky.

  4. Blogger seems to have been going screwy lately -- not that that is anything new.

  5. Blogger is just doing all kinds of weird things lately, it's very frustrating. And they keep changing things without telling you. Grrr..

    Arrived in Vegas in the morning huh? Must have taken the redeye! Awesome. And already, first day there, got some WSOP action under your belt. Nice.

    Good Luck. I'll be in town with you soon.

  6. Ohhh pretty colors. May the force be with you Mojo.

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  8. Las Vegas is a nice place to go, have a good day!