Monday, June 4, 2012

Great bad beat story

I played in a Sunday afternoon tournament at the Horseshoe Casino Tunica. Didn't do any good, but did see this hand and heard a great bad beat story.

A player limped in with K-6 suited and was played it against the big blind. The flop was K-Q-2 and the limper bet fairly large and was called. The turn was a 6 making the board: K-Q-6-2 rainbow. The limper, holding two pair, moved all in and was called.

The big blind turned over A-Q for second pair. The river was an ace, giving the big blind a higher two pair. Yes, the f-word was uttered (he was warned).

The guy who lost then related this hand from the NL cash game Saturday evening, the night before. He had K-Q and the flop was K-K-Q. Can you say "Yowsa?" He bet, was raised and moved all in for $300. The lady called him and showed 3-3.

"I thought you were bluffing," she explained.

The turn was a 3 and the river was a 3.

You'd almost think he made this up, but the way the guy told the story, I believe him. That has to be the worst bad beat I've heard about. Have you heard of a worse one?


  1. Nothing stings quite as much as when the person spikes the only two cards in the deck that they need.

    I still remember my first time....

  2. Not as bad as the one you mentioned, but I did lose with quad threes at the Plaza a few years ago. The villain hit a striaght flush on the river.

    Ouch :/

  3. This is an example of the worse bad beat possible in Texas Holdem, no?

    Needing two exact cards on the turn and river. There is a 0.0444% chance of hitting one of those threes on the turn (2/45), and a 2.27% chance of hitting the other one on the river. (1/44). Multiplying the two chances together gives us a .101%, or one tenth of one percent chance, of getting bad beat in this way.

  4. Closest I can think of for myself was online. But unlike your story, villain had 3 outs on turn and 2 on the river.

    I held AQ. Flop AQ4. We get all in on the flop.

    Villain turns over A9. Turn 9. River 9. Yay.

  5. Wow, that is one seriously bad beat. Yikes. Agreed, this would be about as bad as you could possibly get since there are no other cards but the exact two that hit that could have saved her. Can't understand the logic of calling on the woman's part. Did the guy seemed like he bluffed a lot? Was she the worst player in the history of poker who just got incredibly, out-of-her mind lucky?

    I always wonder what the reaction of the victim is after taking a beat like that. Had it been me who flopped the boat, I think I would have quit playing poker...for the day at least, possibly the week, maybe the month....maybe forever.

    If I may be permitted a little self-promotion, my favorite bad beat story has to to do with the reaction of the loser, and it is a story I told on my blog some time ago, which is here:

  6. My reaction having the K Q would have been to laugh OUT LOUD, accompanied by shaking my head of course, and smiling AT the person with the 3 3... Mojo, I like your new background (seriously), but if you could, add an arrow pointing to the spot where Halladay left the field injured... :(

  7. Just a few days ago I was ALMOST involved in a nasty hand. In a home game, I folded A-3 to a pre-flop raise by a tight player. The flop came A-3-3! Of course, I was thinking about the chips I could have won. The turn was a Jack, and the original raiser pushed and was called. I thought at that point that I had been lucky, for I put him on the killer hand: J-J. His higher full house would have demolished me. However, poker being what it is, had I been ready to hand over my chips, I would have been delighted to see the river -- the case 3, which would have given me quads!

    Not quite as bad as your example, but one that had us buzzing for several minutes.

  8. @Matt: Your math agrees with mine.

    I lost to a two-outer on the river for a huge pot in the WSOP in 2010. Instead of cruising into the money, I was short-stacked and never recovered. I remember it because it was in the big one (not the Main Event, but a regular bracelet event)

  9. I started to reply in a comment here, but then decided I had more to say than would comfortably fit, so I turned it into a post on my own blog:

  10. The guy who suffered the bad beat said that the lady who called him with 3-3 had a big stack of black chips ($100 each) and was betting huge on every hand. Maybe she had just won big at the craps table. Maybe her boyfriend was a drug dealer and she was laundering the money via the casino. Who knows.

  11. I've never heard any "bad beat" stories before so I'd have to say this is the worst one. I like your idea of laundering drug money at the casino. Has that ever been made into a movie. Maybe you've got a winner in that if you could sell it to Hollywood!

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