Monday, June 18, 2012

I hate aces

The Venetian is having a deep-stack tournament while the WSOP is going on. Today, a friend and I played in a $600 buy-in Senior event. It had nice 40-minute levels and the blinds and antes didn't zoom up. We started with 15,000 chips.

I was pretty much card dead and my stack showed it. I was able to rebuild and when I had around 15,000 chips, I picked up A-K and made my normal raise. The guy behind me reraised, and a short stack shoved. I moved in and the guy called and showed A-Q. People play A-Q like it's the nuts. Believe me, it's not.

The flop came with an ace, the turn was another ace and the river was a blank and I now had a nice chip stack.

I lost a pot and dropped down to about 25,000 and this hand played out: A guy raised to 2000 when the blinds were 800/400/75 and I saw A A in the hole. I reraised to 5000 and he called. The flop was 4 5 6 -- pretty scary looking. I had about 19,000 and shoved. The guy called and turned over 7 6. He had a million outs and wasn't going anywhere. The turn was another 6 and the river was a blank and I headed for the rail.

Photo taken with my P&S.


  1. Sorry for your encounter with bad luck.

    I wonder if the news that the owner of the Venetian is willing to spend $100 million on political donations this year will have an adverse effect on people wanting to spend money in his casinos.

    Maybe it will cause some bona fide charities to suggest some places where he could leave a humanitarian legacy.

  2. Sorry Mojo, I see we're having the same luck with aces lately. Go out and kick some ass today

  3. Sorry about the bad beat. For you it's Aces, for me, it's Kings.

    Played in the 1PM Aria tournament today. This time it was pocket Jacks, losing to pocket Kings.

    Gonna try my best to get out of bed early enough tomorrow to play in the Noon deep stack at Caesars. Then Thursday I'm gonna play in the 2PM deep stack at WSOP with Prudence.

  4. Love the photo! Don't have a clue what you're talking about! Is this where "Ace in the hole" came from?

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