Sunday, June 10, 2012

Worse than a slow roll?

Played in the blogger tournament on Face Up Gaming. Reminded me of old times. Thanks to the site and to Al for setting it up. I was one of the first ones out. I saw it was playing fairly fast, so after a raise by another player, I moved all in with A-K and was called in two places. One had the mighty 2-4 and another had A-8. I wasn't surprised to lose, but the weak ace won, not the stronger hand (deuce-four) when the 8 made a straight.

I liked the site okay, but had some navigation issues. For example, some sites let you click on a link to review the previous hand. I couldn't see how to do that. Perhaps I was overlooking something.

After that, I went to the Horseshoe Casino Tunica to play in their 4 p.m. Saturday tournament. There were 114 runners and I finished 10th for a min-cash.

When we were down to two tables, I saw this:

Player A limped, Player B limped behind and another player moved all in. Player A folded. Now Player B asked how many chips would it take to call. The guy had around 100K and it took the dealer several minutes to separate this guy's chips and verify the count. After getting the news, Player B called and turned over A-A. WTF.

He was always calling, there was no player left to act behind him, so why the charade? This was just totally annoying. It's similar to a slow roll, only possibly worse. It would have served him right if his aces were snapped off, but no, he ended up winning this massive pot.


  1. "So what amount were you folding for?..." Genius... Congrats on the cash!

  2. Yes the guy was never folding, of couse. I think they do that stuff in his home game and think it's cute.

  3. Just makes you want to slap players like that right upside their head.
    It doesn't matter how many chips he has, just say Call and let everything sort itself out FFS

  4. The unfortunate thing is these morons almost never get snapped off when they BS like this. See the same crap when I play sometimes. Any cash beats losing but you definitely did not achieve your normal Mojo finish. Still congratulations sir.

  5. Sometimes good things happen to bad people and there ain't nuttin we can do about it. You had a funny comment on Ocala. Speaking of limpers, I limped around the golf course this morning. Shoulda stood in bed!

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