Friday, August 17, 2012

First day of bridge

When players enter the Lille (France) Grand Palais, the venue for the World Mind Sports Games, above is what they see. The place is a rather large exposition hall/convention center.

Our bridge team is playing the fifth match of the day as I write this. We have a six-bagger and Cindy and I are sitting out. So far we have won two and lost two. Tomorrow, we go back at it and play five more teams - time to step it up.

We beat a German team and a combo French/Philippines team. We lost to Scotland and to a combo French/Monaco team.

UPDATE: We won match No. 5 and stand 26th out of 83. Complete results here (We are the Sprung team).

The boards are scored using a wireless device (Bridgemate, I think) and onlookers and teammates who are sitting out can watch the match unfold and scored in real time. After each 10-board segment, hand records are immediately available.

Quick: When you step off the elevator at the lobby level, what floor are you on? If you said the first floor, that would be correct in the U.S. In France, however, you would be on Floor 0. If you went down one floor from the lobby, you would be on Floor -1. It's all very logical when you think about it.

Photos taken with my P&S.


  1. Bridge and poker guru bringing up 'logic' - very appropriate... ;)

  2. 0 and 1 can be one of those things that programmers can get bit by. A part of that is called the fencepost error. Rather than bore you further:

    (Executive summary: you have 5 panels requiring 6 fenceposts)

  3. Curious.

    When you went up the stairs, were you on the first floor or mezzanine?

  4. programmers can get "bit" by? Nice.

  5. Your logic is unassailable. Love that Grand Palais! Hang in there! And your story about Wally Moon was very cool. But now I'm going to be singing "How High The Moon" all day after I had just cleared it from my mind! Thanks a lot! ;)

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