Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The grand slam that wasn't so grand

Above: The Delta Dealin' Regional Bridge Tournament was held at Sam's Town Casino in Tunica last week.

Playing with Buddy Hanby, we bid to a grand slam on the deal above. I was South (delcarer) and my left-hand opponent led the A which I ruffed. How do you like your contract? If nothing bad happens you have five spades two (or three) hearts and six clubs.

At trick two I led a low spade to the dummy and LHO showed out! Yes, there was a 5-0 trump break.

Here are all four hands (approximately):

I pulled four rounds of trumps, came to a high heart and drew a fourth round. When I ran clubs, East eventually ruffed in and they cashed a diamond for down two, minus 100.

The good news is that even 6 doesn't make. In fact, at the other table they were only in the small slam. I'm not sure how the play went, but they guy messed around and also went down 100 for a push board! Notice that I can handle a 4-1 trump break as long as nothing else bad happens. In poker they would call this a bad beat!

Sometimes a grand isn't so grand.


  1. I think you were writing in English but I'm not sure! :-)) Re your comment on Ocala DP: The name, Mitt, rhymes with the English word which in French is "merde!"

  2. @Jeff: Yes, I meant to mention that you can make 7 clubs.