Monday, November 26, 2012

I have money for you, just send me your bank account info and passwords

Don't you hate getting those phony e-mails that offer to give you a zillion dollars? All you have to do is send all of your bank account information. I'm surprised they still try scams like this. You'd think nobody would fall for them.

I got one today that said I could have $10 million. The sender was Mrs. Joy Praise. She said she was a Christian, so the name was pretty funny.

"Sure, send the money," I wrote back.

Later today, I got a return e-mail with the above image attached. It said this:

Many thanks for your email response my dear beloved in Christ
So sorry for the late response to your email, you are are such a wonderful person, and am happy someone like you is ready to help the poor. Herein is my deposit certificate of the Jacksonville bank, i want you to get it forwarded to the bank to enable them start up with the process of the required funds for my project to you.

Here below is the contact email address of the bank:
You can also have my doctor called at : +447012961146 to enable you speak with me. As soon as you have been able to get this sent to the bank, please do let me know what the bank is saying.

Remain blessed
Mrs Praise
I'd like to string them along, but not sure what to do next. Any ideas?


  1. I bet you have friends in the vicinity of that bank. Maybe they could drop by with a copy of the jpeg, just for fun.

    No, I would have trashed the first email without opening it.

  2. I wouldn't waste my time. Besides, you could lose your eyesight as the agreement on the Deposit Certificate is "legal correct and blinding". :-))

  3. Somebody on the net went through all the "fun" of working with/on such people. He actually got them to send him some money. You might google it. You might tell them that the qualify for TARP money as a charity and you can get it for them.

    With their grasp of English being what it is, they should be able to support an honest living by opening a support center for a U.S. company.

  4. Yes, it is amazing and an awful lot of people continue to jump into this particular financial cesspool. Greed is a great motivator.

    Methinks, however, I would encourage you to use your time more profitably than stringing this idiot along. You know, take photos! :-)

  5. Legal correct and blinding...hahahaha nice.

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  7. I watched an interesting documentary on that Bernie Madoff character last night. I think it was on Starz or maybe HBO. It seems sometimes that greed makes the world go around. Kind of depressing, actually. Playing cards is a skill and a game that probably teaches one to suppress greed. The results of letting it run wild are always so unfortunate.

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