Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Christmas gift came late

I played bridge online last night with Kate. Yes, I stayed home on New Year's eve. The older I get, the less partying I do.

With everyone vulnerable, Kate opened 2. I held:
A K Q 10 4 -- K J 8 6 4 A 10 3.

What would you do? I decided I was going to pass. Partner rates to be 6-3-2-2 and is not too likely to hold three spades. Even if he holds three-card spade support, it may not play well. You can take the high road or the low road. With misfits, it's best to take the low.

While I'm doing my thinking, what do I see? My right-hand opponent bid 3! Can you say yowsa?

I doubled and everyone passed. When the smoke had cleared, the opps were down four for plus 1100 for the good guys. This was worth 9.9 IMPs. Here are all four hands:

I checked the results and the deal was played 57 times. At eight tables, West overcalled 3 and North passed! Wow! I wonder what it takes to make a penalty double.


  1. Happy New Year and I'll see you in St Louis.

  2. 3D is an easy double, but playing with a pickup partner, I would be reluctant. People don't always respect captaincy and often the preempter will take another bid given half-a-chance.

    Would you double 3C also? How about 2NT? I think you can count 5 tricks pretty much in 3C/3D, but in 2NT, you have to be concerned that East might have the diamond honors.

    Also: when posting BBO boards, I usually get the Handviewer link and edit out the opponents' names. Yes, I know that this is not enough -- it is not that hard to go look at BBO hands online and find who the players are, but a little privacy is better than none. If I had bid that 3D, I would appreciate not seeing my name in "print" :)