Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Quick bridge tournament trip

The two Renaissance Hotels and the America's Center (convention center seen on the right) are the playing sites of the North American Bridge Championships now being played in St. Louis MO.

I went to St. Louis last Thursday to play in the NABC. Friday and Saturday was the IMP Pairs and Richard Oshlag and I qualified for the final, but had two average games to finish nowhere. We didn't have much luck and did a few bad things as well to pretty much insure our fate.

For Sunday and Monday, I played with John Schwartz in the Silver Ribbon Pairs and finished 16th. When the event was over we were 12th, but a scoring correction lowered us to 14th. Later when I read the Daily Bulletin, we had dropped to 16th, so there must have been yet another scoring correction. Enough already -- any further corrections and we'd be out of the overall rankings.

I didn't have a partner for the Mixed Pairs which began today (Kate couldn't come), so came home. If Bob Hamman needs a team for the weekend and calls me and begs, I guess I'd go back for the Swiss Teams.

You can find the results and read the Daily Bulletins here.

* * *

Seen on a sign at a restaurant:

"All you can eat for $9.95.
Second one is half-price"


Photo taken with my point-and-shoot.


  1. Wondering where you'd got off to.

  2. Your Mom's prediction about bad boys wasn't correct.

    The Gypsies didn't steal you. Welcome back to blogdom -- one day shy of a month. Bad boy! Avoid colorfully dressed people -- should you backslide.