Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Above: The new Busch Stadium is an amazing venue for a baseball game (click on images to enlarge).

It's great weather and time for a road trip to St. Louis to see the Cardinals take on the Cincinnati Reds. There were thundershowers in the forecast, but they basically were missing. (It did sprinkle for about five minutes.)

I bought a 10-pack of tickets called the economy pack. The reason the tickets were cheap inexpensive is that all the games are Monday through Thursday. Hey, I'm retired, so I can go anytime I feel like it.

And by the way, the Cards won 10-0.

Above: Yadier Molina, the most popular Cardinal player, takes a whack at the ball.

Above: The mascot danced with a young fan.

Above: At the risk of showing my age, Stan Musial is one of my favorite baseball players. He died last January at age 92.

Photos taken with my Canon 40D.


  1. Although I don't follow baseball any longer, I still get a little thrill when I see all of that Cardinal red.

  2. Sparky and I were chatting. We don't think red is your color. We're thinking either blue or black.

  3. Wow, you have more time to go to Cardinals games than I do. Were you sitting in the front of the bleachers or along the left field line? Hard to figure our from the camera angles.

  4. @BobCrowe: I retired nearly two years ago, so my life is one big vacation now. Seat in the lower box in left field, row 11 on the aisle.

  5. And none of my players were injured - AMAZING... :)