Friday, April 26, 2013

Puzzle answer

Readers came up with a lot of logical reasons why I folded quads. RedXBranch came the closest to what actually happened.

Notice that I didn't say I was playing hold 'em. In fact, I was playing Omaha Hi-Lo-8 and was dealt: 4 4 4 4 which is a useless hand and an easy fold.

Last Saturday, I was playing the same game at the Horseshoe Casino and was deal three aces. That one went into the muck as well -- horrible hand.


  1. Since you can only use two cards from your hand, didn't you really just fold a pair of 4s?

  2. Cute. Took me a while to figure it out.

  3. Cheater Cheater

    What anonymous said.

    You now descend to the rank of demi-poker-god. Next we'll hear that your mom failed to dunk your heal into the mighty river -- Mississippi not Styx.

    But, hell I have come up with lamer blog ideas by the score.

  4. I think I might play AAA2s -- late in a community pot like those often seen where people play so poorly.

    At least as the small blind.Likely button too. Pot odds doth make fools of us all.

  5. I agree, poker is a puzzle. In fact, when I first landed on this and the former post, I thought, "What an oxymoron. Poker and puzzle." :)

    Hey, you could use that little tree I posted today. Have it under the table and if those on either side of you are threatening, take it (very carefully) and hand it to one of them while asking, "I've got to hit the bathroom. Hold this for me, will you?"

    When the screaming stops, you say, "Where did that come from? I thought it was my cane!"

    See how well they play after that!

    You're welcome!

  6. Haha, you got me with the puzzle! I do not see myself ever folding quads in NLHE, but yes, I would've folded that too in O8. :) I've been playing at the Shoe lately, 4 days there this week. I finally switched from limit to NL. They sure do have some gamble in them at the Horseshoe! I'm sure the Omaha game gets just as crazy. Hopefully I'll see you there soon. :)