Thursday, April 18, 2013

Where do you buy tickets?

Above: The FedEx Forum in Memphis is the home of the NBA Memphis Grizzlies. Concerts are held there too, such as Paul McCartney May 26.

I intended to play poker last night, but while running errands, I heard on the radio that Wednesday was the last game of the NBA regular season, so I decided to go watch instead of poker.

I knew the game wouldn't be a sell-out, so I could have just shown up at the game and bought a regular ticket. I try not to use TicketMaster because they add so many fees. Just for grins, however, I decided to check StubHub. Surprise! They had a ticket for $5. Huh? There was an add-on of $4.95 that allowed me to print my ticket (something I would have to do it being the last minute) and a $5 surcharge. Still, $14.95 for a ticket was a bargain, so I quickly snapped it up.

Then, I decided to see what a ticket through Ticket Master would cost. It was $30 and that was before they add on about 10 or 15 extra fees. So, I really did get a bargain.

I supposed the ticket I purchased from StubHub was part of a Season Ticket package and the owner wasn't going. What do I care?

I investigated today and there are other online ticket brokers such as Ace Ticket and Preferred Seating.

Where do you get tickets?

Do you agree that TicketMaster is the most hated company on the planet?

Above: Seven footer Marc Gashol tries to block a shot without fouling.

By the way, the Grizz won 86-70 eliminating the Utah Jazz from the playoffs.

I bought a ticket for the first home playoff game (next Thursday) against the Los Angeles Clippers. I got it from the box office at the game for $28. No fees, so was cheap. I checked TicketMaster today and their price was $59.51 which included a convenience charge, but didn't include (to be added later in the buying process, but I stopped here) a processing fee. Why all the fees? Gimme a break.

Photos taken with my point-and-shoot.


  1. I'm surprised that the game wasn't a sell-out, that all the Grizz' games aren't sell outs. They have a great team and have had a nice season.

  2. I'm jealous, I would gladly pay $28 over and over again to see two great teams square off. Sounds like a good time.

  3. @Rob: Thanks for your comment. The Miami Heat, LA Lakers and teams like that sell out here in Memphis. Utah Jazz, not so much, although there was a good crowd there.

    @M.Prosk: Thanks for your comment. When I was in FL in January, I went to an Orlando Magic game. They are a pretty bad team, yet I paid around $50 for nose-bleed seats. $28 is definitely a bargain for a play-off ame.

  4. I don't go to any professional sports games anymore, but it sounds like you got a good deal. Keep it up and you'll get in the Super Bowl for about $25! Or not. :)

  5. We look on Goldstar as well. They have awesome deals when the setup is right and works for you...

  6. Ticketmaster is right up there with two of my other "favorites" -- Best Buy and Walmart.

    Years ago when I was selling concert tickets on the secondary market, I looked at some high end tickets that had a face value of $5000 each. The ticketmaster charge per ticket: $200!

  7. At 14.95... it was another winning hand for you!

  8. Well done Mojo. I hate Ticketmaster almost as much as I hate Goldman Sachs and that is quite a lot. Both of them go out of their way to screw their own clients

  9. Looking forward to the pictures!
    Amazingly cheap tickets, for the playoffs no less! Even with the ticketmaster markup I'm not sure we could get those prices at MSG for even a regular season game.