Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday fun

I don't claim to be a great Omaha-8 player, but damn, it is fun so a $10+1 tournament on Bovada caught my eye.

You can always talk yourself into playing just about any cards. Look, I have two suits. Look, I have A-3 among my goodies and maybe a 2 will flop, heh heh. I believe I'm better than most at resisting playing bad hands early in the tournament. Some say the flops are cheap, why not? Well, you seem to hit part of the flop each time and then are tempted to continue -- that's why not.

When we were heads up, there were big swings and all-in on almost every hand, even though it was pot-limit. The aggression was ramped up, and I could have won on any of several hands, but the same could be said for him.


  1. Hold em ... Bridge ... Omaha ...

    Jack of all trades. Congrats!

  2. Well done!
    PLO8 is my favorite game. It offers just so many variables to consider.
    It was also my best game back when I used to play online poker regularly. I held my own against the best PLO8 players, and one time got knocked out last two tables of a Pstars SCOOP PLO8 after two bad beats in a row.

  3. Thanks to all who left comments. This tournament is an example of why I don't often play PLO8 tournaments -- low number of players, so it doesn't pay much to win. Also, I (mistakenly) figured that with low attendance, the few players who bothered would be pretty good -- wrong. Some were good, of course, but even with my limited PLO8 knowledge, I could see that many of them were terrible.

  4. Many PLO8 players love the action and once they get in a hand it is so easy to say, "well if a 5 hits I win" You flop 2 pair and stay in trying to catch the full house etc. I always thought you were one of those action junkies Mojo, glad to see it was confirmed. Well done.