Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Above: The Beau Rivage is a waterfront casino that is hosting the 2013 Gulf Coast Poker Championship.

I lasted 5.5 hours in Day 1A of Event 7 here in Biloxi. The third hand, with 4 4, I raised to 125 when the blinds were 25/50. Only the big blind called. The flop was 9 6 4 -- can you say BINGO? I bet 150 and he called. The turn was the 2 and I bet 350. Again, the villain called. Can you put him on a hand? It looked like a flush draw to me (or possibly a straight draw). The river was the A. Villain checked and I bet 625 and he now check-raised to 1600. What?

I called and he turned over a weirdly played A A. Yes, he hit a two-outer on the river and I had just lost 22% of my starting stack.

I stayed between 8000 and 10,000 the rest of the day. I raised with K-K and everyone folded. I raised with A-A and everyone folded. When it's your day, you get action.

My bust-out hand: The blinds were 400/800/75. It folded to the small blind (a big stack, active young player) who went all in. What do you put him on? I figured a low pair or A-K. I had 7-7 and called and he turned over 8-8. The board bricked out, and I was finished.

Tomorrow is Day 1B and I might try it again. Must. Think. Positive.

Seen on a tee shirt:
It's not a gambling problem unless you're losing

Above: The Beau is a gorgeous property, think Wynn or Encore in Las Vegas. That's because they were developed by the same person -- Steve Wynn.

Photos taken with my point-and-shoot.


  1. Some days it just isn't meant to be. Get 'em next time, tiger.

  2. I think we've all been unable to fold AA on skunky boards. And probably been on both ends of the outcome with them.

    "That's poker" really doesn't fully cover all that.

    With the possibilities there, I probably would have raised your continuation. Not sure where that might have gone had I not known you were a nitty old man.

    Golly, I actually talked about poker. It has been so long.

    I even watched a bit of the WPT Hi-rollers from Fla. yesterday. Weird. Nitty final table -- no fish to feed on. I think I saw 4 hands in the couple of hours I watched and the blinds were abusive but they were all stealing and surviving. (8 left paid 4)

  3. Very strange line he took with AA, but by doing so, you lost much less than you could have. I always feel like I won when I lose less than I should've lol. ;) GL today!