Thursday, August 29, 2013

Above: This beautiful fountain greets visitors to the Beau Rivage Resort & Casino in Bioxi MS.

There were 72 runners who entered Event Num. 10 with nine to be paid. I busted out 12th, boo.

Felt I played pretty well until the last hand. I had A-K with A-9-x flop and villain had pocket 9s. Sets are brutal because of how they are disguised.

Tomorrow is a sight-seeing during the day, and maybe some cash game stuff in the evening, then home on Saturday.

Above: The shot clock just after I busted out.


  1. Like you said, brutal, especially given that you were near the bubble.

  2. I don't play poker (I am teaching Julie and her mother bridge), but I would have thought your pair of aces should have been good enough.

  3. @Dave: Thanks for the comment. I didn't go into it in the post, but this guy was a loose cannon. He had called an all-in with 10-7 among other plays, so he could have had anything.

  4. Ouch! So close..good run anyway! The Beau is very pretty. There was a bridal photo shoot going on in the lobby while we were there in January.

  5. I guess I'm going to have to visit some casinos just to see what they're all about. Or, I could go along with you, Dave, and you could show me the ropes! ;)

    BTW, we visited the MOJO Grill last evening and it was a fine experience: the service was superb and the food excellent. It's kind of a roadhouse kind of thing - noisy and colorful - but lots of fun. I'll post some photos soon, but will send you some, too.