Thursday, August 22, 2013

How are you getting ready for fantasy football?

I love fantasy football -- it's the bomb. Watching the NFL is fun, but if you have a fantasy team, it makes it even more exciting.

I've been trolling the Internet to get ready and have done a few practice drafts. I wish the season started tomorrow.

Wednesday, I checked my mail and found my USA Today Sports Weekly (a weekly sports newspaper) in my mailbox. It felt fatter and heavier than usual! When I got back in my house, I found out why -- a big extra section on fantasy football -- sweet. Unfortunately, reading it proved to be a letdown. The articles and draft advice were moronic. Here are two examples of headlines and my comments:

"Draft strategy should tie to scoring system"

No duh. You mean if it's a PPR, I should give more weight to players who catch more passes? Gee, that's great -- thank you for great advice!

"Finding values is key to successful draft"

Wow, that's really great advice, thank you again. You mean if I have a chance to pick two players, I should take the one who has more value? Good advice and I'll try and follow it.

Anyway, forget about the stupid stuff and let the games begin.


  1. Had one draft last weekend, fun auction draft with salary cap for a dynasty league where you keep most of your players. Have another Saturday and on Sunday as well. Looking forward to this season for sure.

  2. I was in a fantasy baseball league with some relatives. As the season was coming to an end ... MLB went on strike. I have never had any interest in participating in a fantasy league again.

  3. I find this EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE!!! You already have a source for moronic football information... They need to stay off of my turf!

  4. I don't so sports, fantasy or otherwise lol, but I see you mentioned USA Today of my best friends will be shooting sports photos for them when football season starts. I am so excited for him! Just thought I'd share that! :)

  5. I noticed that last night St. Louis was playing in Denver. I started to wonder. If Dave went out to lunch, did he detour to Denver? After all it is only a little way out of his detour range.

  6. Yes, college football this season.