Friday, September 20, 2013

Above: Sam's Town Tunica is the venue for the Delta Dealin' Regional bridge tournament.

I played brige in the Open Pairs Wednesday with Cindy Bernstein at the local regional in Tunica. It's being held at Sam's Town Casino. Bridge players love to gamble and they love the cheap hotel rooms.

We had two above average games and finished in the low overalls. Our lack of much success didn't keep us from enjoying our game, and this deal was one of the reasons why:

Instead of just showing the North-South hands, you can take a peek at all four.

Cindy was declarer as North, so I've rotated the hands (making her South) to make it easier to follow. West led the 7. Cindy won and led a low diamond to ruff with the A. Ha, try and overruff that, West! She continued with a heart ruffed in dummy and led another low diamond, ruffing this time with the king. Now, she led the Q and another to dummy. If spades split 3-2, she could claim her slam. Arrgh, East showed out on the second spade. Not only were diamonds 5-1, but spades were 4-1 as well.

Here are the cards that remained:

Cindy played the good diamonds and on the 10, East was stuck. It did him no good to sluff, so he ruffed in and was endplayed.

Making 980 was worth 16.5 on a 17 top.

Thursday I played in another Open Pairs with Jim Munday, and we won! Most of our good boards were gifts, but I'll try and find a deal to blog about when I have time.

Image taken with my P&S.


  1. I was playing poker at Horseshoe Wednesday and a man at the table said he had to get to Sam's Town for a bridge tournament..I figured you would be there, too. Congrats on the win with Jim!

  2. The only thing I can say about this is that I'm glad you're having fun. And you take cool pics with your p&s! Hope you do well on Thursday!