Saturday, October 5, 2013

Baseball in October

Above: The iconic Gateway Arch and the sea of red reveal where this photo was taken -- Busch Stadium (click to enlarge).

The Cardinals lost Friday, but I didn't mind. The weather was great, there was excitement in the air and everyone was pumped. Here are some images:

Above: Andrew McCutcheon's dreadlocks go crazy as he takes a swing.

Above: Fans in St. Louis aren't afraid to show their loyalty.

Above: Another superfan.

Above: MOJO poses in front of the Lou Brock sculpture.

For some more baseball photos (St. Louis Daily Photo Blog -- Bob Crowe), see here or see here.

Images taken with my Canon 40D.


  1. Fun post, Dave. Looks like a super day. And I love all the red! You're looking pretty good yourself, you know, for a fan!

  2. Those dead white legs wouldn't even work on a piano. :)
    Showing them off next to Brock's bronze ones is a big mistake. [wild giggling]