Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pay attention

My favorite poker magazine is Card Player (see cover scan above for Oct 30 issue). They have good strategy pieces and one of my favorites is called The Inside Straight. The write, Craig Tapscott, asks three experts the same questions. I find it revelatory to compare their answers. One thing I am sure of is that there is no one way to play poker.

In the latest issue, Tapscott asks the panel what they thought their biggest strengths were at tournament poker. Part of Tripp Kirk's reply caught my eye:
Even when I'm not in a hand, I try and read people's body language and mannerisms while they are in a pot. It's very rewarding when you pay attention to a hand early in the tournament and you pick up on something that wins you a large pot later on.


  1. The same holds for cash - definitely a good excerpt. Always look to your left - I made $5-10 extra $$$ by raising larger than I would of because of out of turn action ahead of me the other day. I was able to make a larger raise which was sure to be called by limpers.

  2. Doing your homework - like it... :)

  3. CardPlayer is an excellent source of information. Whether you are a LAG or a TAG, there is always something to help your game in every issue.