Friday, October 25, 2013

Right around the corner

To win poker tournaments, you have to avoid coolers and win the flips. I couldn't seem to do either.

Above: At the final table with four left, I was all in preflop with jacks vs. queens. Short-handed, jacks are pretty much the nuts, but not this time. Am I the only one who hates them?

Above: The villain raised and I moved all in and he called. This is one of those 55/45% things that you absolutely must win. Not tonight.

The beauty of online poker: There's always another tournament right around the corner.


  1. You're still doing so well - extremely proud to know ya... :) And thanks for the info. on Bovada - I've only played the one night so far, just to try it out. I like the deeper stack/longer round events like the ones you keep cashing in, but I've got to put together the time frame to play them (I've noticed that both that you have posted were in the six-hour range). Keep up the good work Mojo!

  2. Great run! If I did that well online as often as you do, I think I'd have to move to Mexico and play pokerstars everyday lol. Great job, Mojo!