Saturday, November 9, 2013

Main Event over for me

The Main Event Day 1C was held today at the Gold Strike Tunica (shown above) is the last event of the Fall Poker Classic.

I played and lasted until Level 11. When the blind were 600/1200/200, I raised from late position to 4000 from a stack of 23,000. The old man to my right was a calling station and my overbet was to tempt him to call with more money in the pot. He indeed called and a young guy with a humongous chip stack re-raised from the button to 16K. It folded back to me and I had to decide what to do with A K.

First thought is that you've put so many chips out there already, just shove for 4K more, but not so fast. What is he raising with? Is it possibly a squeeze?

Because there was $3200 in blind and antes and $4000 already out there from the old man, I decided to move in for 12K more to win a 27.2K pot. In fact, I decided to go ahead and get the last $3000 in the pot. If the young gun has aces or kings, I'm in bad shape, but it's mathematically correct to call if he has anything else such as queens. On a good day, he might be out of line with A-Q.

I shoved, the old man went away and the kid called the extra $3000 and turned over J J. The board ran out with a queen and all low cards and I was out of the tournament. I hate to go out with A-K like everyone else does, but I just hated to fold after putting 4K out there pre-flop.

Tomorrow is Day 2 and my blogger friend Jusdealem is playing with a decent chip stack. Big time good luck to her.

Here's a link to my cash in the first event. Look at page 2, number 29 -- not much money, but paid for some entries.

Above: The shot clock after I was eliminated.


  1. Tough way to go out, Mojo. Even worse when you only had 1 more level to go for the night. Ouch, sorry. But nothing you could do there, it was a clear shove. (I might have open shoved for a little more fold equity and been happy with the blinds & antes, but it most likely would've played out the same way since the young guy had so many chips.) I did have a guy fold his JJ to my 20 BB shove in level 11 on Friday. I was pretty shocked when he showed it.

    Thanks so much for the good luck wishes! I don't really like my table or my position today, but still thinking positive thoughts! 56 left, 27 get paid, $59k up top. :)

  2. As you are famous for saying, you have to win those flops.

    Dang -- what could have been ...

    Always fun to read your recaps. : o )