Saturday, May 10, 2014

There were 103 players who paid $160 to enter the weekly poker tournament at the Horseshoe Tunica. Let's go straight to the results: When we were down to seven players, we agreed to divide the prize money for $1534 each. I had the least chips (what else is new) at 104K, but all of us had a playable stack.

Have you even gotten unlucky, then lucky? That happened to me. When the blinds were $2000/1000/100, I raised to $6000. It folded to the big blind who had a huge stack and was playing every hand. He called and the flop was A-9-2. The big blind donk bet $4000 into a pot of 13,400. I raised all in. After asking the dealer to count down my chips, the BB called and turned over A-5. The turn was a 5, ouch, giving him two pair. The river, however, was a 9 giving both of us two pair, but I had a queen for a kicker, sweet.

Mostly, it was ABC poker for me. I did have this hand. It folded to the same guy mentioned above and he called from the button. I had seen him call just about every hand, sometimes with absolute junk. On one hand, he raised and later showed K-J, so that's what I was dealing with. I completed from the small blind, the big blind checked and we saw a flop. It was A Q 7. I bet about half the pot and they both folded. My hand was 6 5 for no pair, no draw, no nothing. I figured neither of them had an ace, so I just took the pot away. On a bad day, that wouldn't be true, but things seemed to work out nicely. Love that.

Photo taken with my phone.


  1. Table Captains can be annoying...

    But, profitable...


    Image works both ways as you nit steal proves.

    It is great when the poker fairy makes it work as we think it should.

  2. Mojo strikes again - AWESOME... :)

  3. Go MOJO! Nothing like the luck of the cards, except the luck of the cards. :)