Thursday, July 3, 2014

2048 is addictive

Has anybody else become hooked on 2048? When I get to 2048, it says "You won," but offers to allow you to keep playing. I always choose yes to continue. Today I got to the next level: 4096! Click the image above to see what that tile looks like.

To find strategy tips, click here.


  1. That makes 2 Dave Smiths addicted to this game :)

  2. I'll begin the second that I master poker and sports betting... ;)

  3. Yes! I play mostly on my tablet, in practice mode, which allows take backs. My high score is about 130K.

  4. i was the one who first mentioned this game on my blog several months back. u should try the scrabble version of 2048, much more interesting game.

  5. Gretchen! For readers who don't know, she's married to a friend of mine who is also named Dave Smith.

    @Tony: Thanks for the tip. I might try it.

    @Wolfie: That's a huge score!