Sunday, August 24, 2014

You have to win the flips

I finished 49th for a min-cash in the PPC tournament that is being played in Tunica at the Horseshoe Casino.

Two hands went against me where I was on a coin flip, and that was deadly. When the blinds were 2500/5000/500, I was in the big blind. A short stack shoved for 19K and it folded to me in the big blind. I called with 7-7 to see I up against A-Q. A queen came and the pot went -- went to my opponent, that is.

When I had drifted down to about 40K and the blinds were 3000/6000/1000, I was again in the big blind, this time with A-9. The button raised and I shoved. He called with 7-7, and this time the sevens held up, and I was walking to the rail. Too bad, as first place paid about $26,000 and a trip to Aruba.

I think it is Lucki Duck (and probably others) who say you gotta win the flips. He's a wise man.

You might find the results here,


  1. Good run, Mojo. Congrats on the cash! I saw the whole final table chopped for $8500-ish each. A 10 way chop, lol. Takes the fun out of making a final table IMO.

    1. 10 way chop??WTF is that. jezzzzzzzzz. did every nit south of the Mason/Dixie line make the final table????

  2. Another deep finish by the Mojo Man!


  3. Hi MoJo,

    Glad to see you finished in the money, sad to know that you missed on the chance for a FT finish and a bigger payout.

    Do you usually have any ground rules in calling a short stack shove or shove over an open in mid to late stages of a tournament?


  4. Hmmm ... I thought that you were the person who made "You have to win the flops" famous.

    And yes ... GolfPro asked a great question. You have obviously mastered this area of tournament play. Please share your insights.

  5. The first one: I was in the big blind for 5000. There was 31,500 in the pot (7500 in blinds, 5000 in antes and the villain's 19,000), so it cost me 14,000 to win the 31,500. In other words, I was getting better than 2:1 where my hand plays well against his range. In fact, I was a 54.8% favorite. Also, if I lost, I would still have a playable stack. This was a math decision, not a strategy decision, and pretty much automatic.

    The second one: I had less than seven big blinds, so it was more a matter of trying to win a pot and get back in the ballgame.

  6. Uh oh. I've always said I didn't give a flip. Looks like I was wrong. Again.

    Thanks for the heads-up on L&L Photography...I've fixed the problem and the photo should enlarge now.

    Wish you were going to Aruba! Maybe next time.

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