Friday, December 5, 2014

Home sweet home

My partner (Sandy McCay) and I had a good chance to do well in the Senior Mixed Pairs. Unfortunately, we had a disastrous final session; everything that could go wrong did. We had more than our share of bad boards that we couldn't do anything about, as well as some things that we contributed on our own. I believe we finished 27th which sounds better to others than it did to us. I haven't been this disappointed about bridge in a long time. You can read the Daily Bulletin that gives the full results if you click here.

I've downloaded some photos from the Monday trip to Newport RI -- enjoy.

Above: Sandy and I took the Cliff Walk. It wends along the Atlantic Coast between the ocean and the huge mansions that the millionaires of the early twentieth century called "summer cottages." You can click to enlarge each photo. Press escape or click outside the photo to return.

Above: As you might imagine, the ocean view was spectacular.

Above: This is an example of a summer cottage. Some cottage, huh? These homes were built during what was called The Gilded Age.

Above: The Breakers was the mansion we toured. The Vanderbilt family called this home for six weeks each summer.

Above: When entering The Breakers, this rather large room is the first thing you see. They had a no photo rule for most of the building.

Above: This image shows the view looking out the back of The Breakers towards the ocean. If you enlarge and look carefully just left of center in the distance, you can see two people. This gives some perspective of how large the yard is.

Above: Our tour group stopped on the way home, and Sandy mentioned that this would be an interesting shot. My camera battery was dead, so I used my cell phone. Not bad for a phone, although I did crop and lighten it in Photoshop.

All photos (except the last one) taken with my Canon point-and-shoot.


  1. Sorry about the bridge, but you got some fantastic photos! They look even better when enlarged. Love the colors, especially in that last pic. People up that way define "cottage" differently than I do! The Breakers is quite a place. Just used a few weeks, huh? There's an upscale hotel in Palm Beach called The Breakers. I was there for a meeting once. I had a sense of non-belonging! :)

  2. Must have been fun picking up your Daily Bulletin each day and not seeing it covered with your blood, sweat, and tears. Looks like you had a good time if not great results. I did browse the Grand Masters list and saw a guy named Dave Smith. Any relation? :)

    Those phone cams are really getting better. That isn't an easy shot with the bright sky and dark rocks. You really brought all that out nicely in the touch up.

  3. (jusdealem here) Great photos! I'm sure that was an interesting tour. And lol at "cottages", ha! Sorry the bridge games didn't go better for you two, but seems like it was a good trip anyway. :)

  4. I take it you are home safe and sound and no worse for wear. You certainly did get some beautiful photos!