Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Never too old to work out

About 10 months ago, I suffered a herniated disc. Because it wasn't interfering with my quality of life (other than occasional soreness), my neurosurgeon and I decided to wait and see what would happen.

Do you know what shin splints are? I walked a lot while in Providence RI, and noticed that my left leg felt like that (shin splints), and I'm sure it was from the disc issue irritating a branch of the sciatic nerve. This sounds like I know what I'm talking about, ya? Whatever.

I've decided to join a fitness center (see image above), and it's this one. I want to build up my core strength. This is a fancy way of saying that this will strengthen the muscles that support the disc, as well as make me more healthy.

The fitness center has group classes as well as personal trainers. I used to take yoga, and was pleased to see it is offered three days a week. It is supposed to be good for flexibility, but I rather liked how it made me feel -- more relaxed. Do you know what zumba is? What about powerball or cardio kickbox? Boot camp -- now that sounds rigorous. They have other stuff, too.

Do you belong to a gym or athletic center? Do you have trouble motivating yourself to go? Is it worthwhile for you?

Photo taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note cell phone.


  1. I ruptured a disc in 1963. In 1964 it was so bad I had a laminectomy. Fortunately, my surgeon was the chief neurosurgeon at Hines Veterans Hospital in Chicago and he did a great job. If I feel a problem coming on he gave me a set of exercises to do. I think you'd want to be careful in the gym to do the right kinds of exercises.

    Meanwhile, wishing you a very Happy New Year!

  2. Dave, I have had multiple issues with my back. It's a family thing, with my father, brother, and sister all having both upper and lower back problems, including herniated disks. It's something I've struggled with my entire adult life-- until I invested in an inversion table. Best $100 I ever spent. I confess that I don't use it every day, but whenever I get back pain, I do a few 5 minute sessions and voilĂ  it's cured. I can't recommend this type of thing enough.

    As far as gyms go, I joined the university's gym this year, primarily because I play racquetball with coworkers there, but I do occasionally lift weights too. Motivation to work out on my own is tough, though, and I find myself skipping days when I know I should work out. Business travel also puts a major strain on the frequency with which I work out.

    I'll be very curious to see how this works out for you. I've got a good friend who swears by yoga. I'd like to try it some day, but just never got around to it.

    Anyway, happy new year to you!

  3. Dave, definitely worth it.

    I also have back issues; stretching i do at the gym (and home) helps immensely. I'd check with a trainer there (most gyms have free evaluations) to make sure not excaberting anything.

    For motivation, i focus on the "high" after the workout, not the workout itself. I don't dislike going but in a perfect world i would not need to. I definitely start to drag if i miss several days in a row; helps me stay in shape physically and mentally.

    Happy new year

    1. exactly THE HIGH.i can dig that. i c the P3 swoll campaign has took over blogs everywhere LOL p,s, si it time to buy stock in muscle milk??

  4. Kudos on your gym membership, the cost of which I find prohibitive. For my various ailments, I restrict myself to visualization exercises. If you find your regimen helpful, let me know so I can include it in my daily routine.

  5. hahahahaha!
    I'll pass on the gym scene.
    Happy 2015!

  6. Getting motivated to do my cardio workout is oftentimes difficult indeed. If fact, I have slacked off for several weeks and need to get back on track in 2015.

  7. Hi Dave...the photo referenced is of an Ibis, similar to an egret. I've found all these birds slightly unpredictable...sometimes they'll get close, other times not at all. I was surprised on day when we lived on the east side of Ocala - our oak trees were filled with Ibises! In fact, I posted a shot but I'm not sure I could find it any more!

  8. Awesome Dave! Good to get motivated. Get into it slowly, don't jump in with 2 feet and hit the gym like 7 times per week. Start by going 2-3 times and work your way up. Get into a routine. Good luck!

  9. Thanks to all who left comments/encouragement. Good tips here, too.