Thursday, January 22, 2015

First event is in the books

I played in Event No. 1 of the WSOP-C playing in Tunica MS. There were 338 runners, 10K starting chips and 30-minute levels. I won a big pot early with A Q when the flop was A-Q-5 rainbow. I was in the small blind and checked. The button bet and I check-raised him big, he called. The turn was a 4 and we both checked. The river was a 3, so a 2 would make a straight, but we both knew the other person didn't have that. I value-bet the river and he called.

After that I drifted down. I lost a decent-sized pot when the villain stuck around and hit a flush. Sometimes, I c-bet and had to give up to a raise.

When the blinds were 150/300/25, it folded to me on the button. I bet 700 with 8 7 and the big blind called. I hit an amazing flop: 7-6-5, giving me top pair and an open-ended straight draw. Villain checked, I bet 850, and he check-raised to 2100 (or something like that). I went all in and he called and showed: 6-4 for a pair of 6s and also an open-ended straight draw. He had nine outs (four 3s, two 6s and 3 8s). His 4 wasn't an out as that gives me my straight.

The odds calculator at Card Player says I was a 68.3% favorite to his 20.6% with some chance of a split pot. The turn was the 2 and my odds increased to 79.55% and he was 20.45. A 6 on the river was not the news I was looking for.

That left me with one big blind, and I busted out shortly after that.

I kept my notebook again. I played 20 hands out of about 80 for a 25% rate, much better than the last time I kept track. I won 6 of these which included a walk.

Tomorrow is another day.


  1. Get 'em next time. I am sure your 2014 poker profits have provided you with a buy in or two ... lol.

  2. Perseverance is necessary to be a gambler, me thinks. And you've got that, so hang in there!

  3. He wanted to gamble - nothing you can do. Keep fighting the good fight MOJO!