Thursday, February 19, 2015

Get Ur Freak On

Above: The Bradenton Area Convention Center is the venue for the Manatee Regional bridge tournament.

Tuesday and Wednesday, I played in a Regional Tournament with Sandy McCay. Remember when players used to complain about computer-dealt hands? You don't hear that much anymore. I guess they've learned that they really are random and not specially selected deals. I held the following freak Wednesday afternoon:
-- J 9 8 7 3 2 8 Q J 10 8 6 2.

I was first to act. No bid shows this hand, so I passed as did left-hand opponent. Partner opened 1 Pass to me. I guess you could make a large club raise, but I bid 1 . LHO doubled and partner redoubled showing three-card support! Wow!

RHO bid 2, and I tried 4. The object here is to get to play the contract, and 3 might have been better. Your thoughts?

LHO bid 4 and partner doubled. Passing is out of the question, so would you show your clubs now or simply bid 5. I think 5 could be right, but that alerts the opponents of the double fit (and possibly their double fit). I bid 5, LHO doubled and it passed out. Here are all four hands:

I ruffed the opening spade lead, took the heart finesse and wrapped up 13 tricks for a score of plus 850 and 23 out of 25 matchpoints. I was slightly surprised to find out that we didn't have more company, actually, but I was happy with the result.

Above: Crowd shot of the players on Wednesday.

Above: The Convention Center was a nice place to play. Good lighting, lots of room, plenty of fish, etc.


  1. what is the milf/cougar situation like??

  2. I never thought that I'd hear you say or see you type "Get Ur Freak On..." :)

  3. So West has an 11 hcp overcall, opposite a partner who couldn't even bid over the 1C opening bid, and thought they could beat 5H?? Or was it of the stripe tailed ape variety? Makes me laugh anyway.

  4. West passed and opening bid and RHO couldn't find a call over 1!C?

  5. Hey Memphis, you remind me. You play Bridge. (You remind me of the fish) I'm lucky if I win at GO Fish! hehehehehehe
    Go winnah!

  6. You never tell us when to go all in in bridge.