Saturday, March 21, 2015

Another Saturday in NOLA

The bridge has been just okay. I placed in the low overalls in the Silver Ribbon and Silodor Open Pairs. Sandy and I qualified for the finals of the Mixed and had one nice game and one nightmare. You can find all the results here.

I've taken today off. Went sightseeing (see photos below), watched some NCAA basketball, and might go play poker tonight (Harah's Casino is two blocks away).

I wrote that I went sightseeing. Actually I went walking and people watching and took these photos.

Above: Bourbon Street was my first stop. I've seen it before, but had forgotten that it smells bad and doesn't offer much if one doesn't drink. Still, there are interesting sights and people.

Above: Instead of a cab, you can sit in a contraption like this and let the guy pedal away. He's checking his phone while between customers.

Above: There are lots of guys like this character who work for tips. He would stick his tongue out like Kiss, so I guess that's what he thinks he looks like.

Above: On Canal Street, you can take a tram to just about anywhere for $1.25, but 40 cents if you're a old codger senior like moi.

Above: I revisited Jackson Square on Decatur Street. This brass band was working for tips.

Above: This senior citizen played oldies but goodies.

Above: The Marriott Hotel has been my home for 10 days. (I'm leaving Monday morning.)

Photos taken with my point-and-shoot.


  1. Just got back from NO a month ago. Had a great time. Sounds like you did too

  2. You see lots of those pedicabs in downtown Austin. I was just saying today how dirty Bourbon Street is to someone online... :)

  3. Good job on the street photos! I've drive through New Orleans many times but never had the inclination to stop. Maybe I should? The Marriott sounds nice, but there's no place like home! If you played poker last evening, I hope you did well!

  4. Never been to NOLA. Will some day. A little walk gets you some 'behind the scenes' look at this city. Surprises are very good for the soul. Good luck at your tables!