Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Opening day

Above: Tropicana Field is home for the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team.

I attended Opening Day Monday with the Tampa Bay Rays fighting it out with the Baltimore Orioles. The fans were jacked up and there was electricity in the air.

I've purchased a nine-game flex pack. That means I can go online and pick out nine games that suit my schedule. They sent me what's called a Rays Card and the admission information is loaded to it. It's about the same size as a credit card. I swiped it to park, to enter the game, and to buy food at the game. They encourage you to do this by offering discounts. Parking, for example, was half price.

I don't think the Rays will be any good this year. They have some pitching, but their hitting is awful. Batting third was Astrubal Cabrera. Cabrera had 14 HRs and 61 RBIs last year. James Loney batted fifth. He had 9 HRs last year and 69 RBIs, not who you want in this position. Evan Longoria batted clean-up and he's a good player, but you can imagine what some of the other hitters looked like.

I'm used to rooting for the St. Louis Cardinals. I guess I need to stop being a spoiled brat, and get in the spirit of things. I will say I enjoyed myself. Also, Boston, New York, and many other teams that I'd love to see are coming to town, so should be a fun summer.

Above: When you watch a baseball game in a dome, it's not the same as at an outdoor stadium. No sunshine, and funky views, such as this one.

Above: Baltimore Oriole hitter Adam Jones takes a whack at the ball.

Above: Fans came early and weren't afraid to tailgate.

Photos taken with my point-and-shoot.


  1. Very cool. I need to try the flex-pack one of these years.

    Work is keeping me from seeing this Mets series in D.C.; but I'll be heading to "The Yard" Saturday and Sunday for the O's / Jay's series. Great to have baseball back!

  2. When are you heading north?

    Are you heading north?

    The house in Wall is feeling lonesome. Poor, sad lonesome house.

  3. @Ken. Staying here in FL for most of the year.

  4. that stadium is soooooooooo Fugly. remember when they were the Devil RAYS with Cliff Floyd and Rocco whatever his name was

  5. Good place to have a flex-pack - there should always be plenty of seats to choose from...

  6. Baseball in Florida. What it lacks in sophistication it makes up for in crazy.

  7. Will Tampa/St Pete ever get a field that doesn't give you the feeling of watching a game in a warehouse? Heck, Miami has an outdoor facility.