Sunday, June 28, 2015

Things we hear at the poker table

In a tournament, when a short stack goes all in, you almost always hear someone say, "Good luck, all in." Isn't that effectively the same as wishing the other person bad luck? And while the person who says it is trying to be polite, does he really mean it?

What about this expression: "I never win with pocket kings." In fact, Rob calls them the "dreaded" pocket kings. My feeling is give me kings every time -- oh, and aces, too.

Here's another one. A player just had his pocket aces snapped off by a short stack who went all in with 7 6. "Nice hand," the loser says. Does he really mean it? Of course not.

"I had pot odds," is also often heard at the poker table when a donk makes a bad call. Most of them wouldn't know pot odds from a tuna fish sandwich.

What are some other ritualistic comments you hear at the table?


  1. Recall that I did an entire blog post criticizing the expression, "Good luck, all in."

    Although I always hear the dreaded KK referred to as "ace magnets" I more often hear people criticize pocket Jacks. "That's the only way to win with them," after making a ridiculously large preflop raise. Or..."there's three ways to play them and they're all wrong."

    "I was priced in" is another one you hear....or "can I have my cards back," when a player folds and everyone else behind him comes in.

  2. "You called me with *that*?" or "You called me with ______?"

    Why yes, apparently I did. And now I have all your chips. It's a thing called "implied odds". When you learn to read, there are some books that discuss it.

  3. I hate to hear, "I almost folded" after my failed bluffs, ha. And "I call, I'm ready to go home anyway." <---Liar lol.

  4. Another one I always laugh at is when some guy turns over the losing hand and then says, "Yep, I put you on those Aces." Uh, then why the hell did you call with your second best hand if you knew I had a better hand?

  5. "I'll put you all-in"

    Really? A combination of mind control and telekinesis.

  6. I always laugh at is when some guy turns over the losing hand and then says,