Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Do you like to accumulate things?

Derby Lane is having a type of tournament that I've not played in before. It's called the July Accumulator Series.

The tournament has nine Day 1s. There are Day 1s on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Then for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, there is a Day 1 at 1 p.m. and another at 6 p.m. Each Day 1 plays down until there are 12% of the starting field left -- then players bag chips. The entry fee is $160 (with $10 dealer toke), and if you bag chips, you get your $150 back. For the final on Sunday, you can use your two biggest chip stacks combined into one. If you make Day 2, you are in the money and the prize pool is guaranteed at $100,000.

I did a quick analysis on the Patience Factor, and it was 16 which is pretty good. I like to do that scrutiny. The starting stack is 20,000 chips, but the blind levels for all the Day 1s, are only 20 minutes (40 minutes for Day 2). Sometimes, 20K chips sounds like a lot, but then the tournament organizers zoom up the blinds at the speed of light. That's not the case here, though.

I think I'll go to St. Petersburg and play and see how I like it. If all goes well, I'll try again so as to bag twice to have a shot on Sunday.

EDIT: I played today (Wednesday) and bagged chips, albeit only 76K. I had a 150K stack and lost an all in to a shorty for a 60K pot (A-Q vs. 10-10), and lost another when I raised from the cutoff with A-J and was called by the big blind. I made a CB on the flop, and the big blind (who had me covered) went all in, sigh.

I'm going to play at least once more and try to get a second stack to combine with this to have a reasonable shot on Sunday, Day 2.

Update No. 2: I played yesterday and whiffed the 1 p.m session, but tried it again at 6 p.m. I bagged for 79,600. I got home at 3 a.m. I found myself playing cautiously on the bubble. Now that I have two chip stacks, I might play once more to try and advance with a big stack so might repeat on Saturday. The final is Sunday.

Undate No. 3: The final was Sunday and I finished 89th for $370, not what I was hoping for when first place paid $27,000ish. Because there were so many short stacks, it was a shove-fest from the beginning. I don't mind that, but at some point I needed to get my share of the pie, something that never happened. It's hard to call a shove with a queen and a 6. My busto hand was a Q-J vs. K-7 vs. 8-7 off. When I ran it though Equilab, it said I had 40% equity. When the board ran out with no pairs, the king-high hand was a winner.