Wednesday, July 19, 2017

My favorite city

Toronto is one of my favorite places. It's weather friendly in the summer, the people are insanely nice, the place offers lots to do, and they have a great transportation system. Have I missed anything? Oh yes, the US dollar matches up well against the Canadian dollar so it's not too expensive for a world-class city.

Toronto is the venue for the 2017 Summer North American Bridge Championship and I'll be there from July 20 through July 31. (See here for more information.)

I'm playing in the Truscott USPC Senior Swiss Teams (Monday and Tuesday) and the Freeman Mixed Board-a-match Teams (Wednesday and Thursday). My partner is Sandy McCay.

I'll be sight-seeing the first Saturday and Sunday. After that, we'll see. Wish me luck.

Photo taken from the ACBL web site.


  1. I'll see you there but, despite being asked to play, not in the Senior Swiss Teams. We are not eligible for the Mixed BAM either, but for a different reason.

    Good luck in all the events.

  2. Thanks, Paul. Good luck to you, too.

  3. I visited last year and also liked the city. Did you mean 2017 or 2018?

    1. Good catch, Ace -- I've corrected it.

  4. I hope you will have good things to report soon.