Monday, January 22, 2018

The WSOP Circuit event I was playing in is over, and I finished 40th. I always have high hopes when I enter the final day with a good chip stack; it's fun and exciting with a chance to win some serious money. Sometimes fun isn't so much fun, lol.

My killer hand (that is, it killed me) happened when a player limped (unusual at this stage), so I limped as did another. That made four players counting the big blind. The flop was 10 and two low cards, and it checked around. The turn was the 3h putting two hearts on the board. I bet and everyone folded except one player who thought for a while, looked at how much money was in the pot and called. I put him on a flush draw, but he could have anything. The river gave me two pair, but also a possible straight. Because it was a limped pot, I was concerned about the straight or a higher two pair, so checked. The other player bet and I called him and he showed pocket 3s for a turned set. (Sorry I don't remember all the spot cards, I must have repressed the hand.)

I admit I wasn't thinking about a set given how the betting went.

That crippled my stack and I later went all i with As9s and ran into jacks which held.

Here are the final results:


  1. Well, I'm sorry you didn't finish in the top spot. But, you did have fun, right? And I know at my age, that's really the qualifier for just about everything! I still play golf, but only to have fun!

  2. Well, you got gas money and we now know you can get home. :)


  3. Sorry about the ending but congrats on cashing in. Let me know when you're planning on coming up to Tampa/St Pete again and I'll join you (anywhere but Tampa Horse Track - that room is death to me)

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