Friday, January 19, 2018

WSOP Circuit is in Tunica

Above: The Horseshoe Casino Tunica.

I try to make it back to the Memphis/Tunica area each year in late January for the WSOP Circuit. Normally two events would be my limit, but this year I might go for three, ha.

The first event was Thursday -- a ring event but one day. There were 332 runners with 36 being paid. About half-way through yesterday, I picked up 4s 2c UTG +1 and opened for my standard raise. This hand has been made famous by The Poker Grump ( who has proven time and again that it's the strongest opening hand in poker. It folded to an old man in the big blind who called. The flop was A-5-3, all clubs. The old man checked and I made a healthy bet and he min-raised me! The min-raise let me know he liked his hand, so I shoved.

The old man turned over As and Kc, about what I thought. He probably thought he had 9 outs, but notice that the 4c gives me the steel wheel. The turn and river were red cards and I had my double up.

After the hand, there was a lot of buzz at the table, but nobody said wow, you raised with a 4-2. Instead I heard "The four two came through for you, what a hand," and similar comments. Poker players, you gotta love them.

When we broke the money bubble, I had a couple of unlucky hands and busted out 32nd (see results at:

There is a reentry thing with multiple starting days and I'm going to play in it tomorrow with finals on Sunday. If I don't make the finals, there's a Seniors on Sunday for me to donk around in. Love my senior events, as readers know. Next Wednesday, there's a monster stack that I may stick around and play in, we'll see.


  1. Nice to see you're back at it and having fun! I was wondering how you were doing. If you get into that monster stack, I hope you end up with monster buckeroos!

  2. I know you are a little rusty. Just a reminder: the 1 card can be used high or low. Two of them make "The best hand in Poker." :)

  3. Congrats on the cash and good luck in the rest of the tournaments!

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