Saturday, July 7, 2018

Main Event run ends

Above: You have to climb a lot of steps to survive in the WSOP Main Event.

I'm sitting in my room watching poker on TV. An hour or so ago, I was playing in the event. Playing is more fun than watching.

I started with 14 big blinds. Early I shoved with 9-9 and everyone folded. The blinds and antes ground me down and I shoved with A-K and again with A-J. It's tough with a short stack. You basically have to shove or fold. Raising and then having to fold to a three-bet is a recipe for disaster. I shoved one last time from the cut-off on a steal and the BB called with A-J. I whiffed the board and was gone.

I've got to come back and play again next year. Even though I don't like my result, I enjoyed playing and the excitement.

Above: The shot clock when I busted.

Above: The Gold Coast was my headquarters for the past eight days.


  1. Good run Mojo, sorry you couldn't get further.

  2. Thanks for sharing the journey, wish you had advanced.

  3. Hopefully see you in 2 years when I qualify for the senior event!

  4. Nice run overall. Sounds like you had fun out there regardless the result.

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  6. Thanks for sharing the journey, wish you had advanced
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