Wednesday, January 7, 2009

He wears a skirt to play bridge -- say what?

There are not as many bridge blogs as poker blogs, for some reason, but some of the bridge writers are pretty good. My favorite is probably Glenn Ashton's blog BridgeMatters.

Do you know what a freeze redouble is? Have you ever heard of a parking lot redouble? Do you play bridge for PROFIT? No, I don't mean for profit, I mean the acronym PROFIT. It's all in his blog, and I guarantee you will find it interesting.

Glenn's blog takes things outside of bridge and relates them to bridge.

A recent post compares an NFL playoff game concept to bridge. Remember Malcolm Gladwell who wrote the book Blink? He has written a new one called Outliers and Glenn takes one of Gladwell's points to make a bridge point of his own. Do you read "Dear Abby" in the newspaper? Neither do I, but Glenn found a way to work something Abby wrote into a blog piece. Bridge blogs can be boring if the writer is not careful, and all this adds spice to his work.

Now, the title above -- what do I mean he wears a skirt to play bridge? Is he Scottish or something? No, he's Canadian and lives near Ottawa ON. If you want to know what the skirt is all about, I guess you'll have to go read his blog to find out for yourself. Glenn is shown at the right, but I don't think he's wearing a skirt in the photo. Or maybe he is -- we only see him from the shoulders up.


  1. A local bridge blogger that I didn't know about! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Since you're on blogger, the easiest way is to set it when you upload the image.

    If you have to do it by hand, add an attribute to the <img> tag:

    <img src="..." style="float:right;" />

    This will make the image go to the left and the text wrap along the right side. If there's already a style attribute chances are that float has already been set. In that case change it to right (or left, if you like). Otherwise add it to the end of the style attributes for the tag. Don't forget to separate attributes with a semicolon.

    Let me know if it works.


  3. joxum: Thanks, it worked. You're a genius!