Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bridge player wins the Borgata

Steve Weinstein (shown right) is one of the top bridge players in the world. But Steve is also a poker player and he just won the Borgata Winter Poker Open and its cash prize of $658,405. Even if the dollar is weak, that's a lot of mobneys.

It's nice to be able to write about a card player who does so well. But there is something even more important that I can tell you about Steve -- he is a gentleman and a truly nice guy. When I've played against Steve at bridge tournaments over the years, he's always treated me (and others) with respect. Because I play bridge and dabble in poker, it pleases me to see another bridge player do well at poker.

Steve was interviewed by Card Player magazine, and you can read about it if you click here.

Poker News Daily has an excellent write-up of his victory, and you can read about it here.

Bluff Magazine's account is available if you click here.

This is the Pocket Fives report.

Some fast facts:
Weinstein is a many-time NABC champion and ranked by the ACBL as a Grand Life Master with more than 14,600 masterpoints.

In international play, he is ranked by the World Bridge Federation as an Open International Master.

In 2006, he finished 2nd in the World Open Pairs held in Verona, Italy.

Most of his success at poker has been in cash games, although he won one of the Poker Stars Sunday 500 tournaments last Fall and was written about online and in the major poker magazines.

His online user name is thorladen.

He is also touted as a super poker teacher/coach. Some of his proteges are well-known online players.


  1. As a bridge enthusiast who has let the game slip away for the past few years, it's nice to see a correlation between success in poker and success in bridge. This shouldn't come as a great surprise: if you're smart, you should be able to succeed in either card game.


  2. You didn't mention that thor is a top-level bankroll hunter. He basically invented the term and he spends his nights and weekends on hunts.

    Bankroll Hunting

    PS - Congrats to thor on the win!!