Sunday, April 5, 2020

Captions only

Some scenes from my corner of the world. No narrative -- no words needed.

Above: Park closed -- when your one-horse town becomes no horse. Avon Park FL is in Highlands County (along with Sebring and Lake Placid). So far 35 cases of Covid-19. 34 are local residents, 21 men and 14 women, two deaths, 10 hospitalizations. How does this compare with where you live?

Above: Methodist Church was still open for Sunday Service according to another sign I saw. Perhaps God would be more likely to protect them if the congregation was willing to help themselves. Just sayin'.

Above: Most businesses are closed. I was surprised this Chinese restaurant wasn't open for carry-out.

Above: But Walmart, of course, was open and plenty of cars in the parking lot.

Above: But no toilet paper. What is it with TP?

Above: Walmart offered hand sanitizer when I left. You'd think I should get it before I entered as well. Notice the lady in background -- she counted customers as they entered and left. Signs everywhere to stay 6 feet apart, but some ignored that. Why am I not surprised?

Above: Is this your favorite MOJO man or is it a dangerous bandido? "Put your hands up. Give me your money!" Yeah, I thought so.

Did you know that in the newspaper printing business, captions were called cut lines? If you are really bored from staying home, check this out here.

UPDATE: As of Wednesday, April 8: 44 cases, one non-resident, 27 men and 17 women, 4 deaths, 14 hospitalizations. Hospitalization means that a person was hospitalized at some point in their illness and may not be in a hospital now.


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