Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Why all the shootings?

Above: How often do you see an almost empty parking lot at a WalMart? Notice the yellow police tape.

I've been at my Memphis area home for a few days and my air conditioner wasn't working. When the repairman got here this morning, he apologized for being late.

"Did you hear about the shooting at WalMart?" he asked. "The traffic was backed up when I went by there," he explained.

No, I had not heard about it, but a quick internet check showed a disgruntled former employee had shown up and killed two people. When officers arrived, he fired on one of them before being shot himself.

Why are we having so many shootings the last few years? People didn't used to be like this. When I grew up, we didn't lock our home at night. It was safe to hitchhike. Now shootings seem to happen all the time. I find it particularly sad when school children die.

Has the world gone crazy?

Photo taken with my iPhone 7.


  1. Yeah,
    The world is in need of a reset or something. There is too much violence and crazy out there any more

  2. no one believes in Hell anymore, kids are taught in schools there is no God and u can do whatever u wish without consequences

  3. Crazy stuff, another one today in El Paso.

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