Friday, August 15, 2008

Let's endplay the dummy

I played at the local duplicate bridge club last night. On the last board, I was West on this deal (hands rotated):

K J 10 9 5
K 7 6
Q 10 9
K 8
A Q 4 8 7 6 2
Q 9 5 4 A 10 2
7 5 4 J 6 2
J 7 2 A 9 6
J 8 3
A K 8 3
Q 10 5 4 3

West North East South
Pass 1 Pass 1NT
All Pass

I led the 4, declarer ducked from dummy, partner played the 10 and declarer won the jack. South should work on clubs now while she has transportation, but didn't. Instead, she cashed three rounds of diamonds, and, when they split 3-3, she cashed her 8.

Declarer advanced a club to the king and East's ace. My partner led the 9 back and declarer put in the 10, losing to my jack. I could tell declarer didn't have the A because she had already shown up with 10 high-card points. Therefore, I knew to lead the Q. Declarer covered with the king (mistake) and my partner won the ace. She led a heart back to my 9. I cashed the last heart.

My last three cards were A Q 4 and dummy's last three cards were K J 10. It was easy to exit with the 4 to endplay dummy and I took the last two spade tricks. That was three hearts, two clubs and two spades for down one. Plus 100 was good for a 6 on a 7 top.

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