Thursday, September 4, 2008

Are you ready for some football?

Twelve poker bloggers drafted tonight in the famous "Weak / Tight" fantasy football league. There was lots of smack talk, just like you would expect from mofos bloggers. They were tough and the early favorite for best team is probably Matty Ebs. Other bloggers in the league that I know about are: 23skidoo, Matt C, Schaubs, MeanHappyGuy and NumbBono.

It didn't help that I picked 11th, yuck, and three times the guy one or two in front of me took the player I wanted. Well, enough whining, here it is:

QB = Jay Cutler
[Comment: Not who I wanted, but you have to take one.]

RB = Ryan Grant and Matt Forte
Backups = Ricky Williams, Andre Hall, Steve Slaten
[Comment: Grant's ok, but none of these are really studly.]

WR = Terrell Owens, Calvin Johnson, Vincent Jackson
Backups = Kevin Walter, Antonio Bryant, Deion Branch and Bobby Engram
[Comment: T.O. and Johnson are studs. Now I need one of the others to step up.]

TE = Jason Witten
[Comment: Stud. This was my biggest mistake -- not sure what I was thinking. At this point, Santonio Holmes, Roy Williams and a couple of others were still available -- I got shut out of a good third WR.]

K = Steve Gostkowski
Backup John Casey
[Comment: Hope New England scores a ton.]

Defense = Minnesota
[Comment: Stud.]

League setup: Standard Yahoo! scoring. Everyone kicked in $20 and prize pool divided this way: First = $120, second = $80 and third = $40.

One interesting story. One team name was the Ricky Williamses (MeanHappyGuy). I kept expecting this guy to pick Ricky. When he had not by the 8th round, I did. In the chat box, he called me a "bitch." I keyed in "That's Mr. Bitch to you." He had drafted the NYG kicker (Tynes) by mistake (he's out the first four six weeks) and offered to trade him to me for Ricky. I declined but we all had a good chuckle about it.

You can click on this thing to enlarge.


  1. Your team looks ok. I have a feeling you might be referring to me as I had the 10th pick...

    Nothing intentional, I tried to take the best player available.

    All I've to say is, suck it up princess!


  2. I have to 2nd MattyEbs for best team after the way he demolished me this week.

    Forte looked pretty good the brief moment that I caught the game.