Tuesday, September 16, 2008

And you thought you had it rough

Did you watch the WSOP Main Event that was on TV last Tuesday? They showed a guy who had no arms playing poker. He was born that way and uses the toes of one foot to peek at his hole cards and to put chips in the pot.

The guy's name is Mike Wilson and he's from the Vancouver BC area. Wilson is also a bridge player! He is a Gold Life Master and closing in on Diamond Life Master status (which means he has nearly 5000 masterpoints).

Here is a comment Wilson made about being disabled: "As a defense mechanism, some players will make bad jokes. Some will be overly friendly, while others will either ignore me or assume I’m an idiot. They’re common reactions to people who are disabled," he said.

Despite his handicap, he graduated from college with a degree in mathematics, and is now a retired stock broker. You can read more about this interesting man in a story that the ACBL published in the Daily Bulletin at the 2005 Pittsburgh NABC by clicking here.


  1. This guy aint "handicapped". He was just born with no arms. He's got plenty of brain power and he isn't taking a back seat to anyone. For the most part very inspirational. I certainly will not feel sorry for some one who refuses to feel sorry for himself.

    On the other hand, ice seeing you at Tuck Fards, too. Definitely the nicest place i have found to play on the web. BamBam always goes the extra distance to welcome every body. . . and the conversation and banter is second to none. It's like a home game to tell you the truth. Glad to have you with us.

  2. My work firewall won't let me see your links, so I'll have to check it out tonight.

    Good to see you at the game on Monday.

  3. Pleasure to see you again Monday night MM.

    Peb's and I saw Mr. Wilson at the WSoP and I personally, found it to be a very motivating experience.