Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Almost a royal


  1. Finally got my second Royal a few weeks ago at Bodog. Amazing how many times you can come soooo close ...

  2. I have had one Royal Flush. Playing no limit (sweet!) at Sam's Town (Tunica MS), there were three of us that went all the way to the river. One guy had a boat, the other didn't show.

    The pot was around $700 as all three of us were all in. The dealer pushed me the pot. Then they stopped the game, and the dealer told us they were reviewing the tapes. Whazzit, I wondered. At the time, Sam's had a $200 bonus for a Royal that the house paid (on top of whatever was in the pot) so I collected that too.

    It's times like that when you really love poker.

  3. VERY NICE !

    Both the KHSF and the Royal in the comments!