Thursday, October 30, 2008

Challenge bloggers and live to post about it

The title above caught my eye. I read about it and decided to play in the new Bodonkey blogger tournament series last Tuesday night that was organized by Smokkee. Smokkee was the organizer last year too, so props and good MOJO go out to him for his work.

The 46 jabonies bloggers who participated included Eric "Rizen" Lynch. He was a guest and there was a special $75 bounty on his head. I was at his table part of the time and he played like a regular player, duh. It's easy to be awe-struck and expect stars like him to walk on water. In fact, he has to catch some cards too, just like you and I do. His bounty was claimed by LJ at Medusa's Castle and you can read her account here.

Presto is gold -- at least it was for LJ. Her 5 5 held up against Rizen's A J. Besides the 75 bucks, she will receive an autographed copy of Lynch's new book, Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand at a Time.

EDIT: Rizen wrote about the event on his blog site, and you can read about it here.

I finished 20th. When I was the big blind, WilWonka, who had accumulated a giant stack via unmitigated aggression, raised enough from the button to move me all in. My cards were K-8 and that was an easy call. Why? I had a short stack and I expected him to have a raggy ace (or something similar), meaning my two cards would play well against his range. I was more than shocked when he turned over 9-3 offsuit! But a 9 came on the turn and I was outta there. I did last longer than "Rizen" who busted out around 24th. Wilwonka eventually settled for second, losing to 23Skidoo, so props to him. Skidoo's comment on his web site afterwards: "What a country!"

You can see all the results here. The buyin is $11, but Bodog adds some money to the pot which makes it a sweet deal. I'll donate $11 probably play again tonight. The series is on both Tuesdays and Thursdays and there are 15 games in it (ending Dec. 16). You have to register, even if you played in it last year, and you can do that (as well as read all the details) by clicking here. The donkeys with the best results get to enter a free-roll called Tournament of Champions on Dec. 18.

Changing gears: I'm leaving tomorrow (Friday) for Santa Fe for a few days. There is a casino 20 miles north named Buffalo Thunder Resort that I heard about from this blog that I read. They have poker and I might have to check them out. I also expect to go wild and take some photos that both of my readers will be subjected to when I return.