Thursday, October 23, 2008

NumbBlow was a blowout

The NumbBlow tournament with 10 cent rebuys was a trip. A total of 99 players entered. Actually there's a rumor that some of them weren't players, but some monkeys who escaped from the local zoo. Three or four players (or more) were all-in on almost every hand during the rebuy period. I'm kidding around about the monkeys, but for 10 cents, why not? This was a cheap way to get lucky and chip up.

I saw 4-6 off beat AA, I saw 7-3 off beat KK, it was wild. It seemed as if the worst hand would win two-thirds of the time. There were a total of 4417 rebuys. That was an average of 44.6 rebuys per person if my math is right. I can't honestly say how many times I did the rebuy thing -- perhaps 8 or 10.

EDIT: I just found out from BamBamCan how to check. I had 28 rebuys and addons! Yikes, I had no idea.

After the rebuy, 69 players did the add-on. Then things settled down -- no safety net.

I had this hand at one point:

Quads, baby! CheckinMyAA had pocket kings, puh-leeze! Get those things outta here.

I hovered around 25,000 for a long time. I dropped to 17,000 when a bluff didn't work. Then chipped back up.

I took a blow that left me numb. Here is my busto hand:

There were three limpers to me in the big blind. I hate playing AK out of position, so I simplified things and moved in. I didn't really expect anyone to call me, but a big stack did. Maybe he thought I was full of it. He's probably right, who knows?

Before the flop, I was 68.75% to win the hand, and obviously I was ecstatic when I saw what I was called with. If my hand had held up, I would have moved up to about 58,000 and been back in the hunt instead of busting out in 38th. But there's no crying in baseball, and no crying in poker. Um, well, there is lots of crying in poker, but see Poker pearl #2 below.

After I was knocked out, I opened two tables and sweated NutzCarson and DonK_Tuckfard, two regulars in the Monday Tuckfard Open that I've been playing in. RedneckTuckfard, Par_Tee_Ni and MuhcTim were also playing great and had big stacks, so I was happy to see that.

Around midnight (central time), I headed for bed. There were 23 runners left and the five Tuckfards and Tuckfard game players were in the 12 to 18th place range. If any of them stop by on Friday, maybe one of them will leave a comment letting us know how they did.

EDIT: I watched for another 30 minutes. With 18 players left, NutzC and DonK were in 5th and 6th.


  1. Monkeys hell, didn't need to be that smart to play the first hour. Actually think monkeys would be to smart to participate in such lunacy. For like those piano playing chickens you saw at carnivals, just hit this key or that one. Actually only man is crazy enough to subject himself to such lunacy. If the doctors saw me last night they would definitely be keeping me for more observation, of the mental type.

  2. Morning Mojo

    2 TuckFards made it to the final table. Par_Tee_Ni and I both cashed!!!!

    RedNeckTuckFard finished 10th... and was our bubble girl.

    Donkaaaaaaa finished 12th. I can't see where Muhctim finished.

    It was a crazy crazy game. I rebought 132 times. I think the game felt bad for me and it dragged my butt to the money, lord knows I didn't do it on skill.

  3. For those that don't know, wolfshead has been in the hospital and is getting out today !! So, here's good wishes to him

  4. Thanks for the update, nutzcarson, and congratulations on a good showing! I enjoyed sweating you and the other Tuckfard crew. It was exciting.

  5. Memphis,

    The simplest way to check for your rebuys, is the REQUEST tab at the top of your FullTilt Lobby screen.

    Click it to make it drop down, click on tournament history, and look for the NumBlowMe game.

    Hope this helps!