Saturday, November 8, 2008

At how many casinos have you played poker?

How many places have you played poker? Think about it -- it's probably more than you would guess. I'm not talking about home games, but rather casinos with professional dealers and so forth. For me it's 10. I saved a chip from each of them, except for one -- the Hilton in Reno NV where I played back in March of 2004 (when I was playing casino poker for the second time). I think that property is called something else now, maybe the Grand Sierra Resort.

(Click to enlarge the image for a closer look. Go ahead, I know you are dying to.)

Top row: Casino Aztar in Carruthersville MO (a true riverboat); Isle of Capri in Lula MS; Buffalo Thunder Casino near Santa Fe; the last one in the top row is Harrah's in N'aw-Leans. It has an usual design on it of a Mardi Gras mask that is interesting.

Middle Row: The Goldstrike Casino Tunica MS where I now play most often; the Hollywood Casino in Tunica MS, where I learned to play, starting with 3/6 limit hold 'em; Sam's Town in Tunica MS; the Horseshoe Casino in Tunica MS, a property that is part of the Harrah's family.

Bottom Row: The Grand Casino in Tunica MS, now owned by and named Harrah's; Harrah's Casino in Tunica MS.

Which chip do you like best?

The Hollywood chip is $2; the rest are $1 chips. All are the same on front and back sides except the Buffalo Thunder Casino chip. Because that's a brand new casino, I'm wondering if that is the new trend. Does anyone know?

Think about this: As long as I keep these chips, I'll never be broke. Ya?


  1. I like the Buffalo Thunder one the best. And I don't even want to think about how many casinos I've been in . . . Yikes!!! Then again, I suppose it's easy to hit a lot of them if you live in Las Vegas.

  2. I'm with CK on the chip of choice.

    I think it's funny that we both do the $1 chip thing. I often use them for my card cap.

  3. I'll join the chorus on the favorite chip.

    I have actually only played poker in 3 casinos. I have only 1 casino within a hour drive. A few the are within 2 hours. Only 1 of the casinos I have played in is in Las Vegas. I played poker for only one session in Vegas. I need to play more casino poker :-)